Reclaim Your Freedom
With Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Take your first steps to freedom from stress, anxiety, or whatever is holding you back in life with affordable hypnotherapy from Chris Skoyles.

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    How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

    Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy can be used to help you overcome a wide range of issues including:

    Stress and Anxiety

    Too much stress and anxiety can leave you feeling miserable, ruin your sleep and affect your day-to-day. Within 8-10 sessions we can help you regain control, get back on top of things and get the real you back.

    Quit Smoking

    No matter how long you’ve been smoking for, if you’re serious about quitting and, more importantly, staying quit for good, then solution-focused hypnotherapy can help in just one 2-hour session.

    Confidence and Self-Esteem

    All the confidence you need to succeed in life has been inside you this whole time. With weekly hypnotherapy sessions, we’ll help you tap into those powerful inner-resources and realise your full potential.

    Pain Management

    Chronic pain can seriously disturb your sleep and affect your quality of life. Let’s be honest: You deserve better. Hypnotherapy can help with long-term pain and conditions such as fibromyalgia.

    Fears and Phobias

    Snakes? Spiders? Heights? Whatever causes you a fright, solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you overcome those life-long phobias in just three sessions.


    I know all too well how awful depression can feel, which is why I’m so passionate about using hypnotherapy to help others overcome mild-moderate depression and rediscover the joys in life.

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      Why Choose
      Chris Skoyles Hypnotherapy?

      As a student hypnotherapist with seven months of training at The Clifton Practice in Manchester, I’m able to offer a reduced rate on solution-focused hypnotherapy for all of the issues listed above.

      For your peace of mind, I’m fully insured and a have a full DBS check. I’m also a student member of both the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Association for Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy.


      “Hypnotherapy has made a great difference in my life. Since starting to work with Chris, I’m not only more relaxed, but walking taller and feeling more confident. The best part is that the severe pain I was experiencing is now at a minimum and getting better with every session.”

      - Tammy M.

      “I came to see Chris after the pandemic affected my career, shaking my confidence and self-belief in the process and leaving me depressed. Over two months of working together, Chris helped me to rebuild my confidence, come up with solutions for the big challenges I was facing in life, and find passion and joy in life again.”

      - Dan W.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

      Can anyone be hypnotised?

      Pretty much, yes. One of the tremendous advantages we have at CJS Therapy is that we use trance. Trance is very ordinary in many ways, we all go into trance many times a day, when we’re driving, watching TV, out for a run etc. It’s like day-dreaming and anyone can do it.

      Where are you based?

      Due to COVID-19, all sessions currently take place online, so I’m able to work with you no matter where you are in the world. Eventually, I hope to return to face-to-face sessions around St. Helens, Merseyside.

      How Many Sessions Will I Need?

      This all depends on what you want to achieve. Most issues (depression, anxiety, confidence etc.) can take 8-10 sessions. Phobias can be treated in just 3 sessions while quitting smoking takes just one 2-hour session. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss how long we should work together.

      Will You Make Me Cluck Like a Chicken?

      No. You’re thinking of stage hypnosis which is a different thing. Besides, hypnotherapy isn’t about making you do anything. It’s a collaborative process in which we work together to achieve only what you want to achieve.

      Hypnotherapy in St. Helens and Surrounding Areas

      Due to COVID-19, all sessions currently take place online.
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