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    Quit Smoking and Be Happy

Quit Smoking and Be Happy by Chris Skoyles - Hypnotherapist

Published in November 2019, Quit Smoking and Be Happy is my first book. It’s full of practical tools, techniques, tips, suggestions and strategies for managing the physical, mental, and emotional impact of quitting smoking.

It’s also more.

It’s also about how to cultivate a life of true freedom, health, and joy after you quit, so that extinguishing that final cigarette is the start of a brand new and exciting chapter in your life.

Quit Smoking and Be Happy is available in print and eBook form from Amazon.

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Customer Reviews of Quit Smoking and Be Happy

“I have read multiple books on how to stop smoking and I must say that I found this to be the most positive, especially for those of us who struggle. While some people are able to quit, seemingly easily, a lot of people don’t find it to be so. His last chapter entitled, “An Important Message,” delves into this phenomenon and lets people like me (who find it difficult) realize that I’m not alone and that the important thing is to stay the course. Thank you, Mr. Skoyles, for taking the time to help people like me to recover.”

Joyce (Amazon Customer)

“In my long battle with smoking and quitting, this is the only book that explains each stage of quitting and realistically what to expect. It’s warm, encouraging, inspirational, and I would recommend it to any smoker/would-be non-smoker who is either thinking of leaving cigarette addiction or is on the road to recovery.

Amazon Customer

Unlike so many other books and products out there, Quit Smoking and Be Happy takes a realistic approach (which is the ONLY way to go, if you want to actually succeed). This book is comprehensive, covering all angles of the physical and psychological aspects of addiction and quitting smoking. Chris has been through it, and offers a load of information and a ton of tools within these pages, in an empathetic, supportive tone. There is so much important, helpful information to be found in this book; it is a true gem. I read it cover to cover and continually go back to it for inspiration when needed, and have found that inspiration every single time I pick it up.

This is definitely a book I will use for life, as Chris’s wisdom may be applied to a plethora of issues many of us face, but is definitely THE go to source for every imaginable question you may have about quitting smoking, as well as every conceivable tool that can be applied to get you through the process of changing your life from being a prisoner of cigarettes to a free, happy, and much healthier person. Definitely one of the best purchases of my life, as this book helped me to CHANGE my life! Do yourself a favor and give Chris’s book (as well as his YouTube videos) a shot. You will not be disappointed 🙂

Cynthia (Amazon Customer)